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Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film


Ship-2-Shore's "Thick Film" is their long lasting, heavy duty, dielectic and anti-corrosion coating. With it's exceptional adhesion, it forms a shield against salt water and other corrosive environments, resisting splash, spray, and complete submersion. As with Ship-2-Shore's "Thin Film", it shuts down corrosion and electrolyes 100% -dielectric 40.000 volts, and is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-toxic. It also does not attract dust or dirt.

With low VOC's, it is safe for electrical, electronics, and control boards. It is ideal for vessels, anchor chain, wire rope & cable, agriculture, heavy equipment, off-shore structures, industrial, mining, vehicle rust prevention undercoating, and many other uses. 

Available in convenient 150ml bottles with brush, or is also available in bulk sizes.


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