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 PLID WRAP is a wax tape infused with S2S HD, their strongest, longest lasting formula.



PLID WRAP is perfect for pipes and flanges.

It can also be used to line tanks and subfloors under ship decking and other corrosive areas. PLID WRAP can even be used as patches on flat metal for difficult areas.

PLID wrap will polar bond on sidewalls and ceilings and will not slide off.

Use PLID wrap between dissimilar metals to prevent premature corrosion.

PLID WRAP can be used as a highly effective stand alone product or in highly corrosive areas, surfaces can be primed with S2S wet films to further increase longevity.

PLID WRAP can be topped with a thick black vinyl wrap or a clear paintable wrap for a dry contact surface for added protection on exposed or buried pipes. 

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