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 Sata Spray Guns 



The future of air atomising paint application. Regardless of which technology you choose - you can be sure: With SATA spray guns you hold a top class product in your hand.


VOC compliant spray guns:

Strict environmental stipulations in more and more countries limit, or even prohibit the use of high pressure spray guns. Therefor, the future belongs to spray guns based on HVLP- or RP technology.

The benefits of both technologies:

SATA HVLP spray guns maximize transfer rates and thus, they save particularly large amounts of expensive paint material.

SATA RP paint spray guns are optimized high pressure guns. Their transfer rates are only slightly below those of SATA HVLP guns, but they ease the transition from conventional high pressure guns to be more economical and VOC-compliant paint spray considerably as they continue to give the painter the "high pressure feeling". 


 Sata Breathing Protection

The danger of paint particles, isocyanates, and organic solvents during the application of paint is still underestimated or even unknown. Obviously, this is based on the fact that health problems generally show up only after 10 to 15 years of exposure. By then it is too late to take remedial action and the health damage is irrepairable.

Important Note: Environmentally friendly VOC-compliant waterborne base coats are potentially just as hazardous to your health as conventional solvent-based paints.

The advantages:

High level of protection as the breathing air is not supplied from a contaminated source

SATA Filter timer available to ensure timely filter element exchange

No inhalation resistance compared to cartridge filter respirators

Very lightweight hoods and half masks.


All SATA respirators are Silicone-free, solvent-resistant and conductive.

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