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 Rage® Ultra

Its unparalleled sanding qualities are a result of the patent pending formula that contains renewable technology. Its non-sag formula has excellent filling properties, while eliminating the need for finishing putty. Rage® Ultra contains ZNX-7® and is part of the Metalworks®                                               system.                                                



440 Express Micro-Pinhole Eliminator and Applicators

A quick fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify prior to primer application. The 1K patent-pending technology is a high-solids polyester that is easy to apply and quick to dry. Testing has shown that when used properly, 440Express will eliminate up to 90% of all rework caused by micro-pinholes. Don't forget to pick up your specially designed                                                   foam applicators!



Fiber Tech

An innovative all purpose repair compound formulated with Kevlar® and other high tech fibers. Its superior strength and adhesion is idea for repairing SMC, rigid plastic body panels, i.e. ground effects, spoilers, running boards, fenders, hoods, etc. It also contains ZNX-7® for superior adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Blue cream                                                   hardener included.



 Maxim™ Quick N Firm Seam Sealer

Maxim™ Quick N Firm Seam Sealer is a single component firm setting, and fast drying seam sealer, popular with many of our body shops. It adheres well to primed or painted galvanized, aluminum, SMC, and Fiberglass. It is excellent at sealing interior and exterior joints. 


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