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 A few of our most popular requested E-Z MIX® items:


E-Z View Clear Touch-Up Bottles

Clear Touch-Up Bottles are made of PET shatterproof, clear plastic



76000 & 76100 E-Z Touch-Up Brushes

Apply paint, adhesives, and lubricants with these touch-up brushes. Two lengths available.

76000 5 3/4 inches

76100 5 inches




78000 E-Z Dabbers

E-Z Dabbers are economical and useful for paint, removing imperfections, glue, lubrication, and more.

With a lint-free nylon tip you are able to apply as little as 1/8 of a drop. The dabbers have a tapered head for precise application and flexibility for maximum accessibility.                                    







E-Z Mix® Paint Strainers

Large Premium Strainers are available in 125 Micron for Waterborne Coatings and 190 Micron for Solvent-based Coatings. 


71025 E-Z MIX Large Strainers (125 Micron)

71000 E-Z MIX Large Strainers (190 Micron)


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