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HEMPEL - Trusted coating solutions for the protective industries 



Hempel's coatings for industrial provide a consistent colour and durable finish that will last, for longer equipment and lower maintenance requirements.

Industrial at Hempel is appropriate for Heavy Duty Equipment, Consumer Products, General Finishes, and Heavy Duty Trucks. From the cranes that build the world's tallest skyscrapers to mining equipment that reaches the depths of the earth, Hempel's industrial coatings protect industrial equipment from corrosion to extend equipment lifetime and lower maintenance costs. 

Hempel coatings are trusted around the world to protect valuable equipment and structures from corrosion. .

All of Hempel's products are designed for easy application, low maintenance and a long service life. 


Hempathane products are designed for constructions where both a reliable combination of corrosion protection, colour and gloss resistance are needed. Hempathane products are ideal for a range of industries, from oil and gas, power generation, and many other process industries, as well as on buildings and infrastructures that are exposed to harshly corrosive conditions. 

Hempathane topcoats and finishing coats are designed for steel protection in severely corrosive atmospheric conditions and chemically corrosive environments. They will remain in good condition for years with minimal maintenance, ensuring you benefit from a longer asset lifetime and efficient maintenance. 


Based on advanced epoxy technology, Hempadur coatings provide excellent long-term protection of steel in the harshest environments. They are ideal for steel structions and equipment where long maintenance intervals are priority, such as bridges, chemical plants, offshore installations, and power generation facilities.

Hempadur products include a full range of epoxy coatings, from primers, intermediates, tank linings, and pipe coatings, that protect your assets against a range of corrosive elements, from seawater and harsh chemicals to abrasion and high temperatures.


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